We have a number of different treehouses available. You can read about each of them below – click to follow the links for more information.

Tarzan Treehouses

The Tarzan Treehouse was specially planned and created for the owner and his family when they stay on the island,but is rented out on request when available.Special care was taken for the detailed design inside as outside and many nice items are fitted in the main room as in the bathroom. Two sides of the house can be opened 2 metres wide to create a cool airflow through the room on very hot days, and the roof has a special insulation against the heat. This house has a double bed (2 person) in the main room and a single bed upstairs to suit 3 people with an art related, handcrafted bathroom/shower/toilet and a small kitchen with fridge and gas hob and a moving fan. Because of the open space main room there is no extra veranda.

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Love Nest Treehouse

The Love Nest Treehouse – which is just slightly smaller as the Luxury- or Tarzan Treehouse – was specially designed in bamboo to give a romantic feeling accommodation for up to 3 people. You have a nice, large veranda, a small kitchen with fridge and gas hob and an art related bathroom/shower/toilet. You have a moving fan in the sleeping room. This house is especially romantic and charming.

Family Bamboo Treehouse

The family bamboo treehouse was made for families with a smaller budget and for friends who like to share a house together at an economical price.

This house has 2 levels, with 1 bed downstairs and 2 beds upstairs and can be used for up to 6 people. All walls are handcrafted in local bamboo, as are the beds,veranda and other things .There is a fridge for your cool drinks and a moving fan in every room. There is a toilet and shower outside, fans upstairs and downstairs, and a rear veranda with a bench and table and a nice view into the garden. This house is not as high as the other treehouses so not to be dangerous for your kids.

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Tent Treehouse

The tent treehouse is an economically priced A-Frame treehouse with 2 beds, outside shower & toilet and a small fridge for your cold drinks. Lovingly decorated with a view through the roof and handcrafted lamps ,bamboo beds, portuguese handcrafted carpets and other nice small items.

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Mushroom House

The mushroom house is our only house which is not a treehouse. It’s sited on the ground with a round design and a mushroom shaped roof.

It is made for 2 people and eventually a kid, with its own shower/bathroom and a small fridge for your cool drinks or fruit.

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